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What is Plotter? Is it still in use?

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Posted on: 01/21/22

Have you ever seen a technical appliance from the 1800s? Well! If yes, then your first words must be, "look, how big it is!" This is what tech-freaks often say when they get the answer to "What is plotter?"

To begin with, in this digital era, the requirement to print documents has dropped down by 30%. Companies, schools, NGOs, and even Governmental firms no longer keep a record of people in a bundle of printed documents. Instead, everything has been replaced by online computer programs, accounting software, and whatnot. So, the silver line is people no longer need printers. However, have you ever questioned what came before the printer was invented? And, to your surprise, the answer is "Plotter." Let's find out what it is: 

What is Plotter? 

In the early 1900s, Remington Rand invented "Plotter," which is a printing machine. However, by definition, plotters are not simply "printing appliances." Indeed, a Plotter is a type of appliance which allows users to place any kind of sheet or fabric on a cylindrical roll and effortlessly draw vector drawings on the given sheet or fabric using an actual pen. 

In the past, before the invention of portable printers, Plotters were placed in many locations like manufacturing units, architect companies, physicians, and whatnot. Back in the time, Plotter had multiple uses such as: 

  • Copying building designs (in vector form) from a computer on a big sheet of Paper/Fabric.

  • Creating vector drawing-based designs for clothing, shoes, closets, etc.

  • Creating off-line paper maps for different locations in the world.

  • Printing large calendars, posters, clothing stickers, etc.

  • And, last but not least, printing newspapers.

According to the history of plotter-like appliances, there are several different forms of Plotter that are still manufactured by top-notch companies like HP and Canon. Some of the most common are: 

  • Flatbed plotter: Plotter, which has a big flatbed type of infrastructure. Once you place a small or big sheet on the flatbed and start the Plotter, it begins drawing.

  • Inkjet plotter: As the term makes it clear, an inkjet plotter is a vector drawing machine that uses ink instead of pen to draw.

  • Drum plotter: A drum plotter has the most convenient infrastructure. The user rolls a paper sheet on a cylindrical pipe installed on the Plotter. When the Plotter starts, the painted part of the sheet begins to roll out.

Because the first-ever Plotter was commenced in the early 1900s, the world has made some advancements in the latest design. For example, today, the Plotter comes with USB Cable space, a control panel, and other convenient features. 

How to connect a plotter to a computer? 

Using a plotter for the first time ever? Here's a brief guide on how to connect a plotter to a computer and start printing: 

  • Take a USB Cable and affix one end in the computer, another end the Plotter's USB space.

  • Now, on your PC, navigate to the "Start Menu/Windows key."

  • Next, skip to the "Settings" alternative.

  • Head to the "Printers and scanners section."

  • Now, navigate to the "add a printer" alternative.

  • While searching, do you see [your plotter name] in searches? If yes, click on it to connect.

  • Finally, tap on the photo/SS you want to print.

  • Tap on the "print" option.

  • Soon, the Plotter will roll out the picture. 

Want to know more about Plotter and how to set it up? Bookmark us and get an update very soon. Thank you!


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