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Do you also face the “Facebook logged me out” issue? Check out the ways to solve this error on your own!

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Posted on: 01/21/22

Do you also face the “Facebook logged me out” issue? Check out the ways to solve this error on your own!

The most famous social media application is Facebook. It is one of the well-known platforms where you can communicate with your friends worldwide via posts, comments, stories, gifs. Also, you have the liberty to text someone privately or can create groups with your Facebook friends. However, sometimes Facebook starts malfunctioning. Many of us experience the “Facebook logged me out” error. It is a very common error that anyone can participate. However, there is no need to worry. This is a minor error and doesn’t cause any serious harm. Also, it does not mean that your Facebook is blocked. Today, we will try and troubleshoot this error. 

What is the main reason behind this error? Is it something serious?

Some people who get this error get nervous or anxious. However, there is nothing to worry about! It is a very common error that almost every Facebook user gets. There are several reasons behind this error. Sometimes it happens due to not updating the software. Other times not clearing the cookies or cache are responsible. Phone performance may also impact the proper functioning of this application. If you have a slow performance issue with your phone or device, it is very common to experience this error. The fraudulent activities can also be the result of this error. Suppose someone has hacked your Facebook account and used it. Then also, it is possible to get this error because that person must be logging off your Facebook account from other devices, which is very dangerous. This fraudulent activity is a big threat and needs action immediately. Thus, we will discuss resolving the “Facebook logged me out” error.

How to resolve the “Facebook logged me out” error?


A software update is the first and most important troubleshooting that can fix 99% of your problems. Please make sure that your phone is up to date. Always update your phone when you get the notification. If you missed the information or did not get any notice, please visit: Settings> Scroll down to “software update”. If your phone is fully updated, your phone will say,” there is no system update available”. However, if there is a system update, you can edit it from here! Once the device is updated, your phone will restart. After it continues, all the applications will get updated too. Try using Facebook the Facebook application and see if it works even after the software update.

Facebook password: 

Whenever facebook logs you off randomly, try changing your Facebook password. This often happens when the Facebook password gets expires. This is why whenever you try to access Facebook, it logs you off and insists you change your password. Moreover, even if there is no notification for the password change, go ahead and do it.

Beware of the fraudulent activities:

Hackers are sitting worldwide who have the best training to access your Facebook without your permission. This is very dangerous as this is a direct attempt to access someone’s personal information. Sometimes, when someone hacks your Facebook account, Facebook logs you off from your device. This is because the hacker is attempting access. If you are suspicious of any fraud, change the password at once. 

Cookies and cache clearance is a must!

The least and most important way is to clear and cache. This would remove the virus. Go to history, and there is an option to clear it.


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